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Transform how you share performance metrics through a visually engaging interface that’s digital and mobile-ready


Marquee Venture Debt Fund Company with over $500 Mn in AUM. Manual computations of LP and Fund level XIRR.

Manual generation and emailing of LP Statements, Drawdown Notices. Time consuming, error prone and delayed communication. Extensive confidential data exchange over email with Investors and Distributors.In the process of raising a new $300M fund; wanted to optimise operations headcount.

Portfolio of more than 50 companies; IC team wanted on-demand access to inhouse Portfolio Review Scorecard tracking key portfolio metrics.


Venture Debt Fund was onboarded and configured on the AIFMetrics platform with a White-labelled interface.

System Input files are processed on a quarterly/ An as-required basis to compute and digitally represent Fund Level Performance and Portfolio analytics of all funds realtime - XIRR, TVPI, MOIC, Fixed Income IRR, Equity Kicker, Industry sector allocation etc based on fund requirement.

real-time multi device Investor access - Personalised Performance accessible to Investors with a digital dashboard and statement. No more opening PDF statements. Portfolio data with videos and real-time news shared with investors.

real-time multi device access of Portfolio Review Scorecard to the IC team with predefined access rights.Ability to view key portfolio parameters on mobile.

Automatic data room population of all Fund Statements, Drawdowns, Tax Forms and Fund communication in investor-specific data rooms. No more hunting for PDF docs.


Enhanced Trust for Successive fund-raises - Investors appreciate fund transparency and ability to access fund-related information anytime, anywhere, across a 7-15 year timeframe; consolidated under one secure login. This builds immense trust with Fund Managers, strengthening LP relationships and securing buy-in for successive fund-raises.

error-free results with realtime turnaround - All managed by Client Admin. No more depending on third parties; Fund Operations team has in-house control for on-demand reports.

Time Optimisation for Operations team - Reduced queries from Investors on a day-to-day basis frees up valuable time for productive tasks.

Deep Investor engagement - on-demand personalised dashboard with Investor Commitment, Paid Up Capital and XIRR gives investors high-touch engagement with Fund management team. Access to the data room with latest updates and investor-specific docs means no more storing docs in email folders.

Informed Investors - real-time portfolio news keeps investors updated on portfolio uprounds/ M&A etc. bridging the time gap between Fund Updates.

Safe and secure data - No more exchanging data over email. Access to AIFMetrics platform for Investors defined by Fund Admin.

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Digitize now and profit from tomorrow’s growth wave! Write to us and we’ll schedule your demo.