LP Management Module

Seamless generation of Investor reports, Distributor reports, Portfolio
Reports and AMC level reports across multiple funds

How It works

Excel Driven. Easy to Learn.
Easy to Process.

One time Fund Configuration by AIFMetrics across multiple onshore and feeder funds, supporting Multi currency and Multi domicile. Easy to use excels that drive Fund Cap Table, Drawdowns, Periodic Cashflow Activity and Investment Portfolios

Watch it Get Processed Live

One Click Compute for real-time generation of LP Statements, Drawdowns, Auto allocation of income and expenses, Fund level Reports, AMC level portfolio exposure, Investor level exposure across multiple funds

On-demand Reports

Automated Publishing of documents in Fund Admin and Investor data rooms. on-demand Reports downloadable in excel for custom analysis and IC reporting

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Frequently asked questions

  • Private Alternative Structures - Venture Capital, Private Equity, Venture Debt, Private Credit, Pre IPO, Distressed, Special Situation, Real Estate Funds, ESG Funds, Angel Funds
  • Public Alternative Structures –Long Only AIFs, Hedge AIFs, Hybrid AIFs, PMS, ETFs and Mutual Funds (Debt, Equity, Liquid, Hybrid, Bond Funds etc.)
  • All other Alternate Structures not available in the public domain

  • Complete the SIGN IN Page
  • Verify your account on your business email id
  • Sign into the AIFMetrics Platform with your business email id and set your password
  • Dashboard will guide you on onboarding your Funds

Contact Us to set up your premium White-labelled private URL https://amcname.aifmetrics.com on the AIFMetrics Platform. This private URL enables you with Prospective Investor Marketing, Digital Reporting, Analytics Tools, Multimedia Marketing Dashboard and much more.

Yes. AIFMetrics platform helps white label and market your funds privately with Fund Manager videos, digital portfolio, notifications etc. to new prospective investors, with its Prospective Investor Functionality. Click statistics are provided on a regular basis for faster conversion.

Yes. Only authorised Users are allowed selective fund access by Fund Managers. Investors have to be authorised by the Fund Manager to view digital fund metrics, digital statements and multimedia fund communication.

Yes. Fund Managers can authorise existing Advisors and give access to their Funds on the AIFMetrics platform. Fund Managers can also evaluate new Distributors/ Advisors curated by AIFMetrics and share selective data.

Yes. Fund Managers can add sales, operations, investor relations, legal teams etc. and give multi device access to updated Digital Fund metrics; helping teams sell and service clients better.

Fund Managers can connect with several large Advisors and Independent Financial Advisors on the platform. These Advisors are curated by AIFMetrics and have marquee HNI clients; seeking alternative investments to diversify their portfolios.