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On-board on the AIFMetrics platform in a quick 3 steps process. Explore a range of funds for your clients-VC/PE, Venture Debt, Hedge AIFs, Long Only AIFs, Hybrid AIFs, Private Credit AIFs, Pre IPO Funds, Real Estate Funds, PMS Funds, Distressed Funds, Offshore Funds, Co-investments and other structures unavailable in the public domain. Share digital dashboard and data room with prospective investors; receive click statistics


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Frequently asked questions

  • Private Alternative Structures - Venture Capital, Private Equity, Venture Debt, Private Credit, Pre IPO, Distressed, Special Situation, Real Estate Funds, ESG Funds, Angel Funds, Co-Investments etc.
  • Public Alternative Structures –Long Only AIFs, Hedge AIFs, Hybrid AIFs, PMS, ETFs and Mutual Funds (Debt, Equity, Liquid, Hybrid, Bond Funds etc.)
  • All other Alternate Structures not available in the public domain

  • Complete the SIGN IN Page
  • Verify your account on your business email id
  • Sign into the AIFMetrics Platform with your business email id and set your password
  • Dashboard will guide you on accessing New/ Existing Funds

Yes. AIFMetrics will curate Advisors and Distributors based on data collected on sign-up and also with third party references. Alternative Investments are long term and of a relatively higher risk profile; hence Fund Managers request connect with Advisors having a client profile appreciative of such investments.

Contact Us to set up your premium White-labelled private URL on the AIFMetrics Platform. This private URL enables you with Digital Fund Metrics, RM Access Functionality, Prospective Investor Marketing with Click Statistics, Fund Analytics Functionality, Multimedia Marketing Dashboard and much more.

Yes. Fund Managers can authorise selective Advisors to view digital fund metrics and multimedia fund marketing dashboards for new/ existing funds. Some Fund Managers may open up access on the AIF Marketplace to several Advisors on the platform.

Yes. Advisors can add RMs, operations, investor relations, legal teams etc. and give multi device access to updated Digital Fund metrics; helping teams sell and service clients better. AIFMetrics can also provide rest APIs to integrate with your Sales tools for all Alternative Funds marketed by you.

Yes. RMs can share selective New/ Existing Fund digital dashboard with Prospective Investors giving digital fund metrics, multimedia marketing dashboard with fund manager videos, webinar links and data room access. Prospective Investor click statistics can be shared with RMs and other users defined by Advisor Admin.

Yes. AIFMetrics can provide rest APIs to integrate with your CRM/ Client Reporting tools for all Alternative Funds marketed by you.

Request for a Demo

Digitize now and profit from tomorrow’s growth wave! Write to us and we’ll schedule your demo.

Request for a Demo

Digitize now and profit from tomorrow’s growth wave! Write to us and we’ll schedule your demo.